Members 1st

Federal Credit Union

Members 1st Federal Credit Union is a member-owned full service financial institution located in Southcentral Pennsylvania. In 1950, we opened our doors with a desk and small counter outside the personnel office at the Naval Supply Depot in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. We officially adopted the name of DAFCU (Defense Activities Federal Credit Union) in 1972 and opened our first branch office at the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle that same year.

Our name changed to Members 1st in 1994 to reflect our growing field of membership. Our 275,000+ members reflect the changing landscape of our geographical footprint as owners of the Credit Union. We offer convenient branch locations across a 7-county area (Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Perry and York counties). We also have branches located with several area schools and within local supermarkets. Being member-owned means we don’t have to pay out big dividends to stockholders. Since 1950, our members have been an integral part of who we are, and that remains so today.

Individuals may become members through their employer, organization, school or church providing one of those groups offers membership with us as a benefit. Businesses, organizations, schools or churches interested in offering credit union membership as a free benefit, click here.

We are a growing credit union, but over the years we kept our focus on what really matters – to put our members first.

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