Are You Building Your Financial House?

Are You Building Your Financial House?

Are You Building Your Financial House?

October 16, 2017

11:30-noon: Food & Networking; Noon-1 pm: Seminar (Auditorium)

Speaker: Holly Chase

Building a financial house is just like building a physical house. Financial houses require a strong foundation to support and maximize earnings, sensible spending to prevent clutter and keep it in order,  inspections to minimize dollars lost to taxes, making money work for expansion, protection from financial storms that will pass through, and limited use of credit to prevent drowning in debt.  This workshop explores the framework of the seven key financial ‘blocks,’ along with the tools, materials, and instructions needed for building your financial house.

About the Speaker: Holly Chase is a seasoned financial educator, writer, and presenter specializing in community-based financial education for adults. She has worked with national, state, and local non-profit organizations and government agencies in the areas of financial education program development, training, and outreach; trained over 1700 educators, counselors, and social workers in financial content and delivery; and delivered over 200 financial education workshops to Pennsylvania consumers. Ms. Chase has extensive experience with at-risk populations including, low-income families in subsidized housing, homeowners facing foreclosure, veterans transitioning from homelessness, ex-offenders preparing for re-entry, and people with disabilities.

Ms. Chase is currently the financial education officer with the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA). In this capacity, she leads the financial literacy initiatives and training across the organization, including housing counseling and education, housing services, and mortgage servicing divisions. Ms. Chase designed PHFA’s flagship pre-purchase financial education program, Building Your Financial House, and the online borrower-delinquency prevention course, Securing Your Financial House. She also provides professional development, curriculum consultation, and outreach to national, state, and local housing community stakeholders and partners.

Each month, Harrisburg University  hosts a free discussion open to the community examining financial literacy. This talk is part of the Financial Literacy Education Series at HU, organized by Dr. Jay Liebowitz, Distinguished Chair of Applied Business and Finance at Harrisburg University.

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