The mission of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Central Pennsylvania is to assist, support, promote, and advocate on behalf of Hispanic businesses in the Central Pennsylvania area (Dauphin, Cumberland, Lancaster, York, and Perry Counties). HCCCP seeks to encourage the growth and development of businesses owned and operated by entrepreneurs of Hispanic descent and to help these businesses to achieve their goals.

Voice Of Business

Chamber members are collectively represented as the voice of businses in the are of government, community improvement, and education.

Forging Partnerships

The Hispanic Chamber strives to build coalitions and forge partnerships with public official, school administrators, and community groups.

Strength Through Numbers

Member involvement strengthens the voice of the small and minority owned businesses so that the best interests of the private sector are heard by all.

Education & Impact

As a Chamber member, you learn how state and federal issues may impact your business.  As a result, you can commit to strategic involvement in government relations and community improvement initiatives that will leave a lasting impact on the ever growing Hispanic population in Central PA.

Organization At A Glance

This Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Central Pennsylvania is the voice for Hispanic business in our community, government, and politics. Representig you and your business needs is a key component of our mission at the Chamber.

A primary goal is to represent our members on issues that could impact the growth and prosperity of our community and to keep the membership informed of such issues. As a Chamber member, you have opportunities for actual involvement in government and community improvement issues and programs.

Do you believe in our initiatives?

Take action. Become a member.

Take action on local issues that can positively impact Hispanic business. Give key input on state regulations that provide awareness and change for our community. Advocate on Federal mandates that effect us on a national level. All while growing your business with a group of like minded individuals.